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Information and Rules - 2013-14

School Timings

Batch 1: 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM
School Office: 9:00 AM to 1.30 PM (Monday to Friday)
School Office on Saturday: 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM (With prior appointment only)
For The Parents
  Please make sure that the new admission forms are filled and submitted to the office along with the photographs. (Importantly for students continuing from last year).
  Please write the child's name in all the books and hand over the books to the respective teachers (Please find attached the list of books).
  Please check your child's school diary on a daily basis and sign regularly in parent's signature box. If there is any query, please make sure that it is raised promptly, respond to it immediately.
  Following is the list of things that the child is required to carry on a daily basis:
    1. Water Bottle
    2. Snack Box
    3. Bag
    4. ID Card
    5. Diary
    6. Napkin
    7. Extra pair of dress in the bag in a plastic cover.

(Two pants for play group students).

  Please do not expect perfection from the very first day. He/she may take some time in adjusting to the school's environment and the teachers. Please be prepared that he/she may cry for a week or more.
  The student is required to wear the uniform compulsorily on a daily basis. The uniform will be issued by the school. Please refer to the schedule mentioned below:
  Nursery/LKG/UKG Kids- Daily
Play Group-Monday and Thursday
T-shirt with School Pant or Skirt on Friday for all kids
Please make sure that you send your child wearing black shoes
Parents are requested to purchase the shoes from outside market
  Children are compulsorily required to wear their uniform and shoes. Students without proper uniform and shoes will not be allowed to enter the school.
  Parents are requested to leave their child at the school gate only.
  Parents are not allowed to enter inside the school premises during school hours. Please co-operate with us.
  The school gate will be opened at 9 AM. Please don't drop your child before the specified time.
  Please pick-up your child latest by 1 PM.
  The children may cry in the initial days, please bear with the situation.
  Parents may be required to wait outside the school for the initial.

The parents are requested to pick up their child, for the first week, as per the below mentioned schedule:

a. Day One: After 30 Mins
b. Day Two: After45 Mins
c. Day Three: After 1 Hour
d. Day Four: After 1 Hour
e. Day Five: After 1 Hour

  We hope that the children will get settled after the first week. However, some kids may take more than the usual time to get settled and hence the parents are requested to please co-operate with us.
  If a child is feeling comfortable then please let him/her be in the school for the full two and half hours from 2nd week onwards.
  Please send all the play group kids in diapers for health and hygiene reasons.
  Parents are requested not to speak to the teacher during the school hours. They can meet teachers on Saturday's from August onwards. Timings for the same will be communicated by the school administration.
  If the parents have any message for any teacher then they are requested to please give it to the office staff. The office staff will help you to communicate with the respective teachers.
  Please avoid calling teachers or any staff at home or during non-school hours. In case of emergency, you may call the office at 04652402773 and leave your message. The staff we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  If you have any complaints or suggestions, please do inform the office staff at
  The children are not permitted to wear or bring any expensive articles (eg. gold). The school administration will not be responsible for any loss.
  There have been certain instances in the past where cut marks for observed on the child's body. Please be assured that no one did it intentionally and it was purely accidental. The parents are requested to understand the situation and co-operate with the staff.
  Please be assured that all our teachers are from good background and are here because they have great interest in teaching for young students.
  We at home can't handle our own 1 or 2 kid's, but you do understand that teacher are handling 10-12 kids at the same time. You can understand how much patience is required for the same.
  The parents are requested to cut the child's nails every week.
  The parents are requested to please teach their children to touch their parents and their grandparent’s feet for wishes before they leave for school.